This is a great time in becoming a Real Estate Agent.


Are you looking to start a new Career or are you looking to Join a Real Estate Agency that you can trust working with. In the last few Months the economy has brought us to a new and exciting market that created a unique atmosphere. This Economy has created buyers and sellers that are seizing the opportunity to make great deals.
A Real Estate Career can be as rewarding and as exciting as you make it. You hear all the Doom and Gloom about the economy, but you failed to understand that this economy has hit many people, and they need help in selling their homes. On the opposite side the buyers see a Market that is moving towards them and they need guidance in finding the right investment. This is a perfect time to become a Real Estate Agent. If you start looking around you will see more homes for sale. There is an Agent making the deal happen.


Why work with MPPOWER REALTY?

Well you can go into any Real-estate Agency and they can offer you top commissions, but if they have nothing to sell, top commission of ‘O’ is still ‘O’.

  • We have A Great location

You know what they say about location…
  • Great Environment to work

We have built a family at MPPOWER REALTY not just a place to hang your hat. Everyone at MPPOWER REALTY was hired because of their personality and dedication to excellence. It is more than just making the sale. It is about surrounding yourself with people you can trust, learn from, and count on. We just don’t hire anyone.
Being in the business for a long period of time has its advantages. People know who we are. We would not be in this business this long if we had a bad reputation. They trust us, because the people that work at MPPOWER REALTY are honest and never compromise the integrity of MPPOWER REALTY.
  • We will help you learn the Business

Maria Paleatsos has been in the Real-estate business for over 20 years and is one of the Top sellers in the North East Area of the Bronx. With guidance and training Maria as well as the Agents from the MPPOWER REALTY will help you learn and Succeed in this business.
  • What does it take to be an Agent?

“I’ve thought about becoming an Agent and getting into real estate”. Everyone knows someone who has said this. If there are so many people in this business why isn’t everyone a success and making money? Well it takes a certain type of person to make the transition into the Real Estate Business. Anyone can become a Real Estate Agent, but it takes an aggressive, self-starter that makes the deals happen. Being committed, detailed oriented, and focused on what you need to do is what we are looking for at MPPOWER REALTY. We can help you open the door, but you are the only one that can get you through it.


MPPower Realty is located in the Heart of Pelham bay in the Bronx, and in Bayside Queens. We service all of New York and have an Excellent Reputation in the industry.

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Bronx Location:
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3009 Westchester Avenue
Bronx, New York 10461

Queens Location:
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196 – 82  48th Avenue
Flushing, New York 11365